How to List a business

This video takes you through the Verification process, if required, for your listing.


In this video, I show you how to add a new business listing.


So after logging in you will notice in the right sidebar of most pages your Dashboard. In here you can “Add Listing” of your business or event. Just choose either Practitioner, Training School or Rescue Centre depending upon your business type.


For Silver and Gold listings you can be Verified. In order for me to be able to confirm your credentials, you will need to upload the relevant documents.

For this Helpsheet, I have chosen the Gold Practitioner listing so that it will show all the fields that you may come across in the other Practitioner, Training School, and Rescue Centre listing forms.

Bear in mind that the Bronze and Silver listings have fewer fields to fill in. If you would like to have the full functionality of the Gold listing you can upgrade at any time. Follow this link for more details about editing and upgrading your listing….


Once you have reviewed the listing and are happy with it, just click “Confirm Preview & Go to Checkout” and put in any discount code and your payment details. All of your payment details are kept in the strictest security that even I can’t access the information!

You will receive an email confirmation of your listing and it will go immediately live on the site. All is left for you to do is to share your listing weblink via social media and on your website and get your customers and colleagues to review your business. The more reviews you get the more confidence potential clients will have about you and your services.

You can easily download the “Reviewed on My Pet’s Review” logo from your Account section and if you have opted for a Silver or Gold listing that requires verification, keep an eye on your email box as I will be in touch. Click here for more info on the verification process…


If there is anything that you have any questions about that is not covered here please head to the support forum and see if anyone has asked the question already or you can post a new question…


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