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The Holistic Pet Directory is a totally new way for pet owners to find the holistic help they need for their pet.

The Holistic Pet Directory directly connects holistic animal practitioners with the pet owners who need their help.  Pet owners simply enter their location, type of pet and the service they are looking for and the Directory gives them a selection of local practitioners to choose from.

Plus, customer reviews, verification of qualifications and clear explanations of the services available. Giving pet owners confidence in you.

If you struggle to attract clients to your holistic animal therapy practice the Holistic Pet Directory is the solution you’ve been looking for!

The Holistic Pet Directory will get your business noticed and give your potential clients confidence in you and the holistic services you offer.

Plus, joining the Directory also gives you FREE access to the services of our carefully selected Business Advice team.  Business coaches, marketing consultants, social media experts. Working with you and supporting you as your business grows.

The Typical Struggles of a Holistic Animal Practitioner

  • You find it hard to attract clients
  • You get great results with the animals you treat but the client referrals you hoped for don’t materialise
  • You’ve tried advertising and social media but they haven’t worked Take heart.
  • You are not alone! Your potential clients are out there. But they may not know about or understand the wide range of holistic therapies and practices which are available.

We are passionate about holistic care for pets and animals and we desperately want more people to know about holistic care.  Then, more animals will be able to experience and benefit from holistic care.  And of course, the owners will benefit too.

Happy Pets = Happy Owners!!

By bringing a number of holistic therapists together in our unique online directory, we can reach many more pet and animal owners and spread the word about holistic care.

Search Engine Success –  The Holistic Pet Directory ranks very well in the search engines.  And it is a trusted and reassuring source of information for worried pet and animal owners.

The Holistic Pet Care Directory explains each service in accessible language so that owners fully understand the holistic approach and the many ways in which a holistic practitioner can help their pet.

Positive Client Reviews

“I am a canine massage and holistic therapist and I know how hard and frustrating it can be to build a new business in the animal care sector.  I know from personal experience that positive word of mouth referrals and testimonials are the best way to persuade interested pet owners to buy from you. 

That is why I have made sure that the Holistic Pet Directory features pet owner reviews and testimonials prominently.”

Proven Success

The Numbers Don’t Lie

The Local Consumer Review Survey 2017 conducted by BrightLocal have also found that;

 “85% of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations”


Trust Online Reviews

Qualifications in Holistic Animal Practice

Qualifications in veterinary medicine and animal welfare can be complicated for the average pet owner to understand.  Our website explains them all in simple language.

Pet owners want to be sure that the person they entrust with the care of their pet is properly qualified. 

We are therefore very careful to ensure that all qualifications referenced on the Holistic Pet Directory website have been verified.

See the Statement from DEFRA and The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons here

Through the Holistic Pet Directory owners will:

  • Find you through our search-engine optimised website which is designed to reach your ideal clients
  • Understand what you offer and the benefits of the holistic approach for their pet
  • Have confidence in your services through great client reviews and verified qualifications

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Additional benefits include:

  • Highlighted Listing – more visibility on the website and ranked higher in the searches for your area
  • Write for us – become a known expert in your field. 
  • Promotion at National Pet Shows –  the opportunity to be showcased at national pet shows.  Holistic Pet Care has already secured its exhibition stand at The Family Pet Show and The National Pet Show with Discover Dogs London, Dog Fest, Crufts and more in the pipeline. Where we go, we take you with us!

See our Membership Packages for full details of these and other Premium Membership benefits.

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The Holistic Pet Directory is the only animal practitioner review website in the UK.

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