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The idea behind Holistic Pet Directory began when a group of colleagues and I were volunteering in Cyprus using our skills to help the rescued animals in the early days of their new lives. I saw at first hand the incredible knowledge, skills, and passion for the animals that these individuals had.

But the same questions kept on being brought up. How do I get more clients? How can I easily explain what it is that I do? How can my clients have confidence in my services for their beloved pets?

I then realised that we needed an online platform whereby we could support one another. A safe and secure place to promote our skills, services and to share our knowledge so that people can learn what is available and how it could benefit their family pet.


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Did you know that 10% of each membership goes to support local animal rescues? Rescue centres can sign up for free here!

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The Local Consumer Review Survey 2017 conducted by BrightLocal have also found that;

 “85% of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations”


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Holisitc Pet Network

To help you build your business, I have brought together a team of business experts to share their top tips for free. If you like what they are sharing, you can contact them directly for more information.


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I promise you that there are no newsletter signups or sales calls involved here. You can trawl through their advice and guidance in your own time and when you are ready, you can contact them for extra help if you need it.

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DEFRA and The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons stated in their Review of Minor Procedures Regime, Summary of Findings (2015):

“The fundamental message is that the end-user should be able to make an informed choice ie be able to choose an appropriately competent person to provide the required service and stay within the law. This should include:

– An ability for the animal owner to choose a suitably qualified technician. In the survey of horse owners most (2/3) say that they used word of mouth to choose a practitioner; although 1/5 say they did receive a veterinary referral.

– A means for the owner to check the qualification of their service provider – and to know what this denotes – to avoid being confused or misled. The BEVA (British Equine Veterinary Association) survey found there to be in the region of 50 qualifications at present.”

On Holistic Pet Directory, your satisfied clients are able to leave reviews on your listing and it is easy to become a Verified member so that future clients have confidence in your qualifications.

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