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  • Sally Attfield

    If you have never given thought to animal communication with the help of wonderfully empathic human, I would encourage you to do so. Anna has helped me many times over the years when faced with difficult situations with my much loved dogs, both past and present. Her understanding and sensitivity, and insight into the souls of those she communicates with is quite extraordinary. Always honest and brings a different dimension to the relationship you have at the time, or did have. I never cease to be in awe of even the smallest details that can make a difference with either my understanding of my dog or how it can crucially help in making the right decisions for them, be it treatment or seeking their thoughts on pain management or what is the appropriate time to allow them to be free of this. One of my dogs with me now was showing signs of depression after losing his sibling and I did not now how to deal with this, as I also had my own grief to deal with. Anna spoke with Hardy and facilitated a wonderful change because she explained to me how he really was feeling and how I could help him. In turn, she also had given much support whilst Dylan was so unwelll Amidst my confusion as to how to do my best for him, she helped to clarify things by sharing his perspective. I hope for those who find themselves in need of reassurance with a living pet or to help communication with one who has passed on to the Rainbow Bridge, that you may at least chat to Anna informally to learn how she might help you.

  • Erica Ferrar

    I found Anna purely by chance back in 2012, when I lost my beautiful cat Benny, and I was searching for some help. I had never heard of Animal Communication but Anna was a wonderful introduction to this wonderful world of communicating with my cats.
    Anna’s skill in determining the finest detail from my cats is absolutely staggering and, her empathetic nature can really help when trying to connect with your companions, for whatever reason.
    I have used Anna several times, to communicate with my cats that have passed over and, also in helping my 2 cats that I have now – initially when we rehomed them and wanted to help them settle and now, when we are about to move and looking for some reassurance that they understand what is going on.
    I trust Anna implicitly – the information that she elicits is just so accurate – so much so, that I have also undertaken several of her animal communication workshops, so that I can deepen my connection to my own animals. She is an amazing teacher, exuding patience and kindness. If you are ever looking at a course in animal communication, then look no further. My skills have definitely grown under her expert guidance.

  • Hana

    First time I asked Anna´s animal communication service was for Silver, when he was diagnosed with possible chronic kidney disease, quite common among cats, as well as Selene, who I thought would live longer than Silver but left us before.
    Anna accompanied us and helped us immensely throughout their illness and guided and prepared me towards their transit.
    She was able to tell me how they were feeling both physically and emotionally, what they needed, what they wanted, and very importantly Anna channelled Silver and Selene´s messages to me.
    Anna was rather a highway than a simple bridge between I and them. She allowed me and let me understand them with clarity and be able to provide them the best while they were with me.

    I had opportunities to attended a few of Anna´s animal communication workshop both in persone and even via live online course during 2020.
    During workshops I learnt a lot of technic and skills to practice animal communication, and unexpectedly and surprisingly also learnt how to communicate in more positive and encouraging way with human!

    I was very fortunate to meet like minded people at workshops, with whom I still stay in touch and often help and give comfort to each other when our non-human friends / family seem to need assistance.

    I am eternally grateful to Anna and would highly recommend her service if you or someone you know feel a need of help between you and your non-human friend / family.

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